Vedic Math-Boston was founded to teach Kids, Parents, and Educators simple math strategies using Vedic Math to solve complex addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems, so that math learning can be more fun.

 What is Vedic Math?   

  • Vedic Math is a system or a set of strategies to solve a range of  mathematical problems.
  • The word “Vedic” is derived from “Veda”, which means knowledge. It is believed that the origin of Vedic Math can be traced to ancient Indian Vedas or scriptures.
  • Vedic Math is essentially based on 16 formulae (sutras) and 13 sub-formulae (up-sutras), which can be applied to arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

Why learn Vedic Math?

  • Vedic Math teaches more than one way to solve the same math problem, making the approach to solving more flexible and intuitive.
  • Vedic Math strategies help you do math calculations in your head with few basic steps. Since, the steps involved are fewer, it takes less time to do the  calculations and also, since the steps are easy, the chance of making mistakes decreases.
  • The result is you have a flexible, mental, easy and faster system to do mathematical calculations